Draft a Floor Plan for marketing purposes – £78 (Inc VAT)

Draft Inventory, agree and sign on the tenancy start date – £165 (Inc VAT)

Testing of CO2 and Smoke Alarms prior to moving in – £42 (Inc VAT)

Chimney Sweeping – Trades TBC

Additional or extra tenant references – £24 pp (Inc VAT)

Notifying all utility companies of change of details and reading meters – £24 (Inc VAT)

Registering of the deposit – £78 (Inc VAT)

Property Visits 2 / 4 times a year. Property Inspection reports – £180 (Inc VAT)

One-off property inspections – £42 (Inc VAT)

Additional property inspections – £24 (Inc VAT)

Renewal of contracts – £90 (Inc VAT)

Energy Performance Certificate – £78* (Inc VAT)

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate – £108* (Inc VAT)

Duplicate rent statements – £24 (Inc VAT)

Check-In Service – £180 (Inc VAT)

Dispute Service – £300 (Inc VAT)

Check-Out Service – £180 (Inc VAT)

Serving of section 21 notices – £100 (Inc VAT)

Management of eviction process or legal notices/solicitors – £60 PH (Inc VAT) + Solicitors invoice

Services outside of management – £60 (Inc VAT)

*Prices are subject to current trade pricing and are possible to change

Check In Service

Draft all legal documents including Right to Rent check, Tenancy Agreement, all legally prescribed paperwork, ‘How to Rent’ information, move in pack and paperwork. Docusign.

Collect the first month’s rent and deposit and pay to landlord

Complete standing order for rent payments directly to the landlord (Tenant Find Only)

Provide the tenant with the landlord contact details, address and email

Hand the keys to the tenant for move in

Advise utilities of change of details and meter readings

Hand a completed move in file to the landlord to manage. (Tenant Find Only)

£180 inc VAT 

Check Out Service

Advise landlord and tenant of vacating dates and apportion the rent accordingly

Complete a pre check out inspection and advise of any maintenance or potential problems / disputes allowing time to put right before the tenancy end date

Collate the tenants vacating details in preparation for the deposit return

Close down the meters and re direct post

Agree a new let or hand the property back to the owner

Collect keys

£180 inc VAT

Dispute Service

Should the horrible situation arise where there is a deposit dispute at the end of a tenancy we will deal with the dispute for you, as you can imagine this is a time consuming process that is quite often very stressful. Subject to having all the supporting documents, property inspection details, check out reports and quotes we will work on your behalf to take the stress away.

£300 inc VAT